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Although we give you 2 bags in the starter pack, the £5.69 we charge is for one bag only. We give you 2 bags in case you would like to do more than one wash at a time.

We limit the price to one bag only as one bag is plenty for a weeks worth of laundry.

If you have made an order for a starter pack and are waiting to receive it, simply go to our van during the collection time for your hall of accommodation. You can view the collection point time and location here.

We collect and deliver your laundry every day at the same time except Sundays and Tuesdays. Visit the Timetable page to find out the specific delivery and collection times for your hall of residence. On the Timetable page you can also find the exact collection points .

The wash packs allow you to buy a set number of washes at a discounted price. For example, if you purchase the 4 pack you can now book 4 collections at any time you like, for the rest of the academic year.

We cannot give an exact answer for this as it depends entirely on your clothes/bed-sheets, but a Washfree laundry bag can fit the same amount as an average washing basket (about 1 weeks worth of laundry). There is a maximum weight of 4kg however, bags which look like they exceed this will be weighed and you will have to remove items.

As of January 2018, ironing and other dry clean services are now available. View our ‘How it Works‘ page to find out more about how these services work, or simply use the facebook chat to ask us anything!

They are a one-off payment and for you to keep and reuse for the rest of the year (or more!)

In addition to the halls on campus, we now service off-campus students living at Station House.  We hope to be able to expand our services to all students very soon, you can follow our Facebook page for updates!

In your starter pack, ‘sensitive’ labels are included. This lets us know we need to use a special non-bio detergent for your clothes. As the sensitive tag doesn’t have your details or the wash category included, you need to use it in addition to any other tag. The same applies to the ‘hot’ label.

You need to make sure your clothes are colourfast if you want quality guarantee with our service. If a fabric is non-colour fast, the dye isn’t fully fixed onto the fabric, meaning that it might fade and run into other items of clothing during a wash.