Guide to Laundry

Our labelling system couldn’t be more simple yet effective at giving you the perfect results.


Delicate items of clothing include materials like silk, wool, lace and embroidered fabrics. These items are hand washed and hang dried – so you can include any type clothing!


Separate your coloured items into light colours. These include pale pastel shades such as pinks, lavenders, light blues, lights greens and yellows. Make sure no delicates are in the mix!


Group dark colours together. These include shades such as greys, blacks, reds, purples, navy and denim. Be careful not to include any delicates like wool!


This pile should be for socks, underwear, t-shirts, vests and any other white cotton items.


Hot Wash

We wash everything at 30°  which is why we have included this label. It should be used in addition to any of the other labels above. It is ideal for bedding/towels.

Hypoallergenic Wash

This tag is included in all Washfree starter pack.If you have sensitive skin, use it in addition to any other tag, so we know to  use the appropriate detergent.

When you are ready to use our service, make sure your clothing is separated into the categories shown above and labelled accordingly. These coloured tags are included in your starter pack, along with your Washfree laundry bags. 

Make sure all your clothes are colourfast. and there are no valuables or other items in your pockets!

If you do not want to follow the colour and type sorting guidelines presented, please attach a lights/darks label on this bag of mixed category clothes. Be aware however, that if you do so, we do not provide the quality guarantee.

Please only include hand wash only / no tumble dry articles of clothing if you are choosing the delicates option on checkout. Do not include no wash / no dry / dry clean only articles of clothing. They should not be machine washed and we cannot be held responsible for any damage to these items.